Arias’ “Politics and Society” essay

1. Choose a film: Machuca or Roma, and analyze/discuss it, connecting it to A)Arias’ “Politics and Society” essay B)Swanson’s “Civilization and Barbarism” essay B)The other film (ie., if you choose Machuca, compare it to Roma) Each ‘section’ (a, b, c), must have at least 200 words. You should use, at least, two articles or books besides the essays already mention.

The Handmaid’s Tale vs. Reality: Utopian Dreams & Dystopian Nightmares

Do a research paper on the handmaid’s tale, focus on the nuclear problem (how it create Gilead and the nuclear disaster in Three Mile Island and Japan) and the pollution problem (the pollution that is harmful to people and how it cost both infertility in Gilead and reality) that been brought up in the book that reflects the reality, in the 1980s US, and what is happening today. Read the outline and prompt I provide carefully, follow every step, use the annotated bibliography I provide and the materials I give, feel free to add any other sources you like, but make sure they are credible.

strategic management

  1. We have said that strategic management is an evolution and a destination. What does this mean? Discuss in detail.

  2. Provide three examples of how your team company is or is not a ‘strategic management’ firm.

  3. Lastly, clearly and succinctly describe your team company’s mission statement as well as the 2021 goals and objectives of the firm. WRITE A THESIS 100% QUALITY GUARANTEE EFFICIENTLY ORDER A 5 STAR COLLEGE TERM PAPER NOW

How should the “self” relate to humanity?

This assignment contains 4 have to use 12 pt. Times-Roman with double spacing and cite using APA in-text citation. 1. How should the “self” relate to humanity? With the professional “you” as the self and those you will serve through your professional life as humanity. answer this question in 500 words 2. create the minimally 500 word discussion you need for this part. A. Why are Today’s Managers Creating a Demand for Business Ethics Courses? B. Can a Business Ethics Course Change Behavior? C. Some Things Business Ethics and Professional Ethics Have in Common D. Why Business Ethics is best understood as a management course E.why is Business Ethics a Management Course? 3.Social contract theorist (1712-1778) The view that there is within human nature an unwritten law requiring we do not harm each other (It is the social root of economic theory – trade is built on trust) Contracts have many forms. All have in common the idea that they exist to regulate the interactions between two or more people. Spoken promises, buyer’s agreements, warranties, and a governmental constitution are examples. But what happens when peoples meet who have no prior agreements whatsoever. Is there an unwritten contract within human nature that asks that, even without the presence of law, we do not harm each other? E. O. Wilson cited Present your own belief as to the source of the social contract. Research, cite and discuss at least one referenced source which support this claim. Give an example of how your interpretation of the social contract might appear in the professional or business world as a basis for trust. 4.Find a newspaper, magazine, or online article which in some way addresses a current business ethics in the news or in social media. In offering your own view or reacting to that of another contributor, cite your source and, out of the many topics and themes. present your own views on the topic

traditional roles of the board of directors

  1. Discuss three traditional roles of the board of directors. Also, identify and discuss the most urgent governance issue impacting your team company’s board – what are they doing to manage this important issue?

  2. Lastly, identify and evaluate a major philanthropic initiative/program to which your team company contributes or leads that aims to do good while also helping the firm do wellEXCELLENT 100% CUSTOM ESSAY WRITING SERVICE Quality Affordable Non-plagiarized Essays score 100%

competitive advantage

  1. We have said that competition forces society to be better by providing superior value. Identify and discuss your team company’s competitive advantage and core competency – in essence, the magic sauce that makes the company stay in the game.

  2. Provide a descriptive discussion of the Porter’s Five Forces Model of your team’s company and include what Wheelen and Hunger call the sixth force in your analysis.

  3. Kim and Mauborgne argue that sustaining a “competitive advantage” is to make the competition irrelevant – hence, the blue ocean metaphor. Identify and discuss what must be done to achieve or sustain your team company’s position in a ‘blue ocean’. Pull from the readings to support your response while including a ‘four actions framework’ model. EFFICIENTLY ORDER A 5 STAR COLLEGE TERM PAPER NOW GET YOUR QUALITY 100% CUSTOM RESEARCH PAPER TODAY

Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act of 2009

 Develop a paper explaining what the topic is, detailing the history of the topic, the current state of the topic, and what the future holds for this topic. The past, current, and future impact the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act of 2009 has had on healthcare and healthcare information systems

The Process of Socialization

Describe and analyze the process of socialization. Begin with responding to the question “Who Am I?” In your description, make sure to incorporate the concepts we have addressed in the course, such as roles, statuses, group membership, etc. Your response to this question should be at least 1+ page in length. Next, analyze at least 4 agents of socialization that have affected your development as an individual, focusing on childhood socialization into adulthood. Consider, for example, the ways in which the family, religion, media, peers, and education have influenced your development, opportunities, and life choices. Your analysis of the process of socialization should be 3+ pages in length and incorporate at least 4 sociological concepts or theories covered in this course (hint: sociological concepts should be clearly identified and then applied. You are encouraged to use and cite sources here. Any paraphrasing or direct quotes used from another source should include APA formatted in-text citations and a full reference at the end of the essay. Examples of related concepts and theories include the self, moral development, nature and nurture, and resocialization).

Scholarly Activity : online travel agents (OTA)

Instructions Explain how the Internet has changed the distribution of tourism services. Then, choose three of the following online travel agents (OTA), and analyze the usability and attractiveness for each OTA’s website:,,, and Compare and contrast the websites. Why is this OTA preferred versus one of the others? Remember to remain objective if you have a favorite. What are the roles of intermediaries such as online travel agents in bringing tourists and tourism-providers together? Your response should be a minimum of three pages long, not counting the title or reference pages. Use APA style when writing your response. Be sure to cite any direct quotes or paraphrases. Reference at least one outside source. APPLY FOR THIS CASE

Cost-Benefit Analysis

 In this discussion, you will build upon the economic opportunity that you proposed in your Unit 3 assignment and use the information you researched for you Benefits Values discussion post. •Analyze the costs and benefits over a five-year time horizon for your economic opportunity. •Propose executive recommendations to proceed with or defer the pursuit of the economic opportunity. Be sure to include a sound rationale. This may incorporate regulations, industry standards, and best practices. •Use the preformatted Cost-Benefit Analysis Template spreadsheet, linked in the Resources, to conduct your analysis. Reference at the bottom two or more.