Ornithophobia Phobia of birds

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RESEARCH PAPER Ornithophobia Phobia of birds Through utilization of secondary research, prepare a 7 page research paper on an area relative to the topic you will explore in your Life Arts Project. Choose any psychological disorder covered in the course (must be recognized by DSM-5) and using at least 5 psychology scientific journal articles (e.g., Journal of Abnormal Psychology) (preferably no earlier than 2012), your textbook, and DSM-5 as references, discuss the primary characteristics and related features of the disorder; research-supported causal theories and empirically supported treatment options and their relative effectiveness. This research should be both quantitative and qualitative and include at least one quantitative study to exemplify scientific research in the area of the students’ interest. Stay away from student personal narratives and autobiographies until the LAP. Research should be more focused toward scholarly research. Research Paper must be in APA format which includes a Cover page, Running Head, Page #, Abstract, and Reference Page.

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