overall demolition task

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Describe this component of the overall demolition task and how it relates to the rest of the task.

How will it be done?

Describe the steps required for completion of this component.

What tools and equipment are required? Describe the tools and equipment that you will require for this stage of the demolition. What will you use each one for? How will you check it for serviceability?

Tool/equipment (include PPE)



Estimate how long this component of the overall demolition will take.

Describe the factors that you have based your estimation on.

Listone relevant law and regulation, one NCC area, one Australian Standard, and one workplace policy and procedure that applies to this component of the demolition.

Provide one way that you have taken each of these things into account.


How did you take these into account for this component task?

Describe the WHS considerations for this component of the demolition (hazards and hierarchy of controls).

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