Paper on YouTube Video of Alonza Thomas, The Stick-up Kid

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(1) If you are not familiar with this individual, please take 28 mins to look at the video that is the topic for the paper “Stick-Up Kid” here: (2) Include 3-4 of your key take-aways that you learned from watching (3)Tie in David Farrington’s work with the data from the Cambridge Study of Delinquent Development that reveals different explanations for the general tendency to engage in crime (long-term variables) over time, as well as the influences that prompt an individual, at any given time, to engage in crime (short-term variables) (4) Your personal thoughts, reactions, or critiques of the movie (ie juveniles should not be detained in adult prisons, juveniles are worse being released from prison than they were when they went into the system)

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