Part A: Discussion (use apa citation), Part B: Comment on two posts(separately).

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Part A::: For this discussion, you will be writing a professional profile. You will need to find a job posting that interests you and then write the professional profile section of your resume so that it clearly shows why you would be a good candidate for that position. Make sure you include strong nouns and verbs to describe yourself and the experiences and skills you possess or plan to possess when you actually apply for a position. You may use the job posting you identified in Module Four, or you can focus on a new career opportunity. Please use from one of the three below job postings:

SNHU Career Advising, available through the MySNHU Student page, offers a wide variety of career support information. For this discussion, you will be focusing on the SNHU Career Resume Writing Guide. (An accessible text version of the guide is also available.)

The Resume Writing Guide breaks the resume down into five distinct sections. For your post, you will be focusing on Section 2: Professional Profile. After reading pages 9–11 of the guide, you should have a better understanding of what should be included in your profile, and you will have seen some examples of how it should be written.

Part B::: In your response posts, provide constructive feedback on other profiles. Consider suggestions for clearer understanding of values and interests, stronger verbs, and more details concerning accomplishments or skills. Response to the following two posts:

Post 1::: Title: Entry Level IT Technician

Description of Company:

Technology Training Associates has delivered over 1000 installations over the past 20 years across the country and is the leading VAR for Jonas Club Management. We provide technology products and services including; specialized software training, hardware sales and support, supplies & professional services to all types of member-centric facilities; country clubs, golf clubs, yacht clubs, tennis & fitness clubs, dinning clubs, HOA/POA, vertical residences w/amenities, etc.

Description of the Position (Responsibilities):

We are looking for an individual who has an aptitude towards technology. Someone who is open to learning new things within the realm of technology. Our senior technicians will take you through step by step everything you need to know and more. Some of the responsibilities may include but are not limited to:

  • Technical support knowledge
  • Hardware/network configuration
  • Testing hardware compatibility with our software
  • Manipulating data files
  • Designing and creating custom magnetic cards
  • Working with point of sale peripheral devices
  • Use your skill sets to troubleshoot client issues in a timely manner

Experience & Skills (not mandatory, but preferred):

  • Experience troubleshooting basic & wireless network connectivity
  • Familiar with point of sale peripheral devices such as:
  • Receipt printers
  • Data collectors
  • Scanners
  • Experience in the restaurant, club, or hospitality industry is a plus
  • Customer service experience a plus
  • Experience with suite of Office products
  • Good communication skills
  • Detail oriented with an ability to prioritize task
  • Self-motivated
  • Quick Learner
  • Good listener
  • Great Problem Solver
  • Works well with others
  • Certifications are a plus

Professional Profile:

Thoughtful, compassionate Strong problem solver poses technical and analytical skills with the ability to learn system specifics and functionality with little or no documentation. Incident resolution with the ability to present solutions in a user-friendly language to both technical, non-technical staff and end users.

Post 2::: Applies specialized knowledge to conceptualize, design, develop, unit-test, configure, and implement portions of new or enhanced (upgrades or conversions) business and technical software solutions through application of appropriate standard software development life cycle methodologies and processes. Interacts with the Client and project roles (e.g., Project Manager, Business Analyst, Data Engineer) as required, to gain an understanding of the business environment, technical context, and organizational strategic direction. Defines scope, plans, and deliverables for assigned components. Understands and uses appropriate tools to analyze, identify, and resolve business and or technical problems. Applies metrics to monitor performance and measure key project parameters. Prepares system documentation. Conforms to security and quality standards. Stays current on emerging tools, techniques, and technologies.


Participates as a member of development team.
Completes development of units with designs prepared by more senior developers.
Participates in code reviews.
Prepares and executes unit tests.
Applies growing technical knowledge to maintain a technology area (e.g. Web-site Development).
Education and Experience Required:

Typically a technical Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience and a minimum of 0-2 years of related experience.
May include highly experienced individuals performing entry- level equivalent work who are non- degreed or degreed in an unrelated field.
Knowledge and Skills:

1-2 years experience writing code using C/C++ and Unix.
Basic understanding of RDBMS databases such SQL Server and Oracle. Basic understanding of testing tools and unit test scripting.
Experience using (or an understanding of the use of) an Integrated Development Environment (e.g., Eclipse, Visual Studio).

Professional Profile:

Ambitious and inquisitive computer science specialist with proven experience working in a team setting that requires collaboration and receptivity. Resourceful, lifelong learner, with C/C++ professional and Unix specialist certification, and extensive background with Microsoft Visual Studio. Committed to respecting the client’s time and assets to successfully accomplish a project within budget. Excellent communicator, who is thorough and detail-oriented, and dedicated to ethical and progressive software development.

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