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I’m studying for my Nursing class and need an explanation.

For the article, you need to critique a peer reviewed nursing journal that is no older than 3-5 years. Select articles that are related to one of these topics: End of Life Care, Palliative Care, Ethical issues related to End of Life Care.

The article review should be 2-3 pages long (if you go a little over that’s ok; if your review is shorter than 2 pages or longer than three, you may lose points).Please make sure that you use double spacing.Your review is worth 15% of your final grade.

I will be looking for the following things when I grade:

  • Bibliographic Information:
    • You can either make this the subtitle of your assignment or you can incorporate this information into the first sentence or two of the review. There is no need for a separate works cited page.
    • If incorporating into a sentence: include Last name, First name. (Year) “Title of Article” Title of JournalVolume (Number): page spread (e.g. 4-20).
  • A BRIEF summary of the article:
    • You should summarize the main points the author discusses.
    • Make it clear what the author’s central argument is.
    • This summary is only to give the necessary background for the analysis you will give, not the main thrust of your review.You will be able to include more detailed information in the course of actually critiquing the article.Your summary should not take up more than a half page or so.
  • A detailed analysis of the article.
    • The is the most important part of the review and where most of the points will be allocated.
    • You need to show that you have read the article and that you have thought critically about the content.
    • When assessing the authors point of view, think about the following:
      • Is the argument made clearly?
      • Does the author support their opinions with clear explanations?
      • Does the authors view align with what you know about this topic?
      • What is the intended audience for this article?
      • Does the author give sufficient background information?
      • IS the article convincing? Why? Or why not?
      • If you disagree with the author, why, what changes would you propose?
    • Use these questions as a guideline and not a list of questions that you must answer.
  • Finally indicate how the results will impact nursing practice- be specific with four or more implications.

Give thought to how you will organize your review; don’t just list ideas as they come to you. The assignment needs to flow logically from one idea to the next.It needs to be presented chronologically in the order in which the information was presented in the article.Don’t jump from topic to topic. Try to stick to one idea per paragraph.

When doing an article review, please keep in mind that there is no right or wrong answer.As long as you can support what you are saying with evidence from the article you are entitled to your opinion.

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