Peer reviewed article research on Designing Healthy Communities for Healthy Lifestyle

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Search the peer-reviewed published literature to find examples of evidence-based interventions (programs, policies, environmental changes) that have been used to change How to Design Healthy Communities For healthy Lifestyles. (Note: while the student should find peer reviewed material pertaining to their programs, they may also cite additional non-peer reviewed information from the internet, such as detailed intervention descriptions, recruitment materials, etc.) Describe at least two interventions which relate to two different levels of the theoretical model used (for example, the student might find one intervention which is focused on a family intervention (interpersonal level) and one which is focused on a built environment intervention (organizational or community policy level) to address the public health topic.

For each of the two interventions described, provide detail including the following (to the extent they are applicable): • A description of the intervention, how it has been delivered and by whom. Who is the intervention designed to help?; • Select at least two methods for evaluating the public health program/intervention, and evaluate the program/intervention using these methods; • How the intervention relates to the Program replicability (What would it take to replicate the program? How would it need to be modified or packaged for replication, and did the program authors do that?

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