Peers Discussion Post: Peers Postings and the Instructor

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This is a 3 part weekly assignment. The 1st part requires you to write an essay about the provided topic. The 2nd part requires you to respond to two peers postings and the instructor. The assignment will be extended after each deadline until Sunday to remain engaged in the discussion. **DISCUSSION TOPIC** Choose one of the following discussion topics and create a post with your response: 1. What does CISSP stand for? Use the Internet to identify the ethical rules CISSP holders have agreed to follow. 2. For what kind of information security jobs does the NSA recruit? Use the Internet to visit its Web page and find out. 3. Using the resources in your library, find out what laws your state has passed to prosecute computer crime. 4. Using a Web browser, go to What are the current top concerns of this organization? 5. Using the ethical scenarios presented earlier in this chapter in the Offline feature called “The Use of Scenarios in Computer Ethics Studies,” finish each of the incomplete statements and bring your answers to class to compare them with those of your peers. 6. Using a graphics program, design several security awareness posters on the following themes: updating antivirus signatures, protecting sensitive information, watching out for e-mail viruses, prohibiting the personal use of company equipment, changing and protecting passwords, avoiding social engineering, and protecting software copyrights. What other themes can you imagine? 7. Search the Web for security education and training programs in your area. Keep a list and see which category has the most examples. See if you can determine the costs associated with each example. Which do you think would be more cost-effective in terms of both time and money? 

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