Pen-Pal 2 – lesson 8 (SPN1121)

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1. Refer back to what you’ve learned in your VHL Central Portales lessons.

2. Go to the Pen-Pal 2 Discussion Topic, and post a new thread:

Your Pen-Pal is coming to visit you and is interested in finding out about your daily diet and the diet of your family. You should give your Pen-Pal an example by describing what you ate the day before for breakfast lunch, and dinner (using past tense).

Your initial post should be at least 6 sentences in length.

3. Return to the Pen-Pal 2 Discussion Topic after your initial post, and reply to a classmate’s initial post by comparing your daily menu with your classmate’s in Spanish. You should also mentioned what you ate the day before. You must select a classmate’s post that does not already have a reply.

4. Return to the Pen-Pal 2 Discussion Topic after a classmate has replied to your original post. Post a reply to the post.

Hi Friend,

Glad to hear you are coming to visit me. I normally have a very busy week so I prepare food on Sundays. I cook roasted chicken, curry chicken or goat, and fried fish. These meat goes easy with salad throughout the day and when I come home at 7, I normally cook the rice or dumpling. We do not cook on Friday’s and Saturdays as because me and my son eat out and it would be a pleasure to have your join us. Hope you will enjoy my Jamaican cooking and your time here with us.

See you soon,


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