People & Places Report

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People & Places Report

Students will select different topics from the “Populations and Settings Preview the document” list as the focus for their midterm project. With the goal in mind of formulating a summary of how this population can be served by art therapy, the student will research at least three sources relating to the topic using the Populations and Settings: Reading List Preview the document and the Outcome Bibliography Preview the document as a starting place. This research will culminate in a short in-class power point or experiential presentation and brief written report (2-3 pages) that address some basic questions: Who are the people who make up this clinical population? Where might the art therapy interventions typically take place? What is the main purpose of using art therapy with this group of clients? How might such individuals benefit from art therapy services? The overall “People & Places Report” should reflect what you have discovered about art therapy with this population. The report is to be submitted in American Psychological Association (APA) format: typed, double-spaced, 12-point font, 1-inch margins, respectful person-first language as applicable, with sources cited in the text. The finished written assignment (2-3 pages) should have a separate reference list with a minimum of three sources. Additionally students should create a brief summary of the main points (who, where, what, how) to hand out to the class.

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