Personal and professional developmen

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Personal and professional development refers to improvement in the set of skills that requires gaining the desires position at the workplace and maintaining good relations with the people in social life. Personal development includes qualities like social competencies, behavior, and understanding of people. Professional development involves communication, knowledge of operation in the interested field, planning and proper management of time to achieve the goals and objectives

Task 1 Understand how self-managed learning can enhance lifelong development (LO1) Allocated Marks
T 1.1 List five different approaches to self-managed learning in bullet points and evaluate three of the approaches to self- Managed Learning. 50
T 1.2 Evaluate the benefits of self-managed learning to the individual and organization. 50
Task 2 Demonstrate and deliver a range of transferable skills Allocated
T(LaOsk2,3LMO3o)monitor and review own learning experience (LO4) Allocated Marks
T 2.1









T 2.3

You have just been appointed to the post of IT Manager. Your company is considering whether to implement new computer-based contact management and sales processing system for the sales department. A department only has a few computers, and the salespeople are not computer literate. The computerized sales forces are able to contact more customers and give a higher quality of reliability of service for those customers. They are more able to meet commitments and can work more efficiently with fulfillment and delivery staff. Using two appropriate problem-solving techniques recommend a feasible solution to the problem

Critically evaluate your learning

experience including conducting self-assessments, setting realistic and achievable targets using action plans/personal development plans; state any problems, limitations, and advancements made during the period of learning; identify at least two personal development skills learned and explain how this may assist you in the future employment













 Introduction and Conclusion.


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