plan and organise schedules.

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. a) Name three planning tools that will help you. to plan and organise schedules.

b) For the 3 planning tools that you have identified in part a, explain how you might utilise them in an organisation that you are familiar with.

Q2. a) Name 3 different types of appointments.

b) Selecting one type of appointment and using the same organisation as you did in Q1, discuss the steps you would take to organise the appointment.

Q3. a) List 3 diary and schedule items that you may need to. organise.

b) Explain the areas that you must take into consideration when organising the schedules of the individuals.

Q4. a) For a recurring appointment, how can you ensure this is organised each time it is to be scheduled.

b) Name 2 types of recurring appointments.

Q5. a) What steps should you take if you need to reschedule an event because more than one person is unable to attend.

b) What action should you take if an attendee has not replied to accept or decline, and is away until after the event.

c) Name 2 ways of making alternative arrangements.

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