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 Term Paper: You may choose any topic related to business but the paper must relate to at least one of the four functions of management, that is, planning, organizing, leading, or controlling. The term paper must be a minimum of 10 pages, typed and double-spaced; this excludes the Title Page, Table of Contents Page, and Reference Page. All pages must be numbered in sequence; the title page is number 1, but it is not numbered. The Table of Contents Page is denoted as small Roman numeral i; the first page of the body of the paper (text) is 2. The term paper must include the sections listed below in the order shown and each section must be clearly identified. The paper must be written using the APA style format. Visit This is the APA website and it provides a useful tutorial on the APA style and writing papers. The Union Institute and University Writing Center is another very useful resource for using APA formatting techniques 1. Title Page 2. Table of Contents Page 3. Introduction (focuses attention on the selected topic) 4. Background (tells why the topic is important to Business) 5. Literature Review* (see below) 6. Summary or conclusion (you may have both but must have one; remember they are different) 7. Recommendation(s) (not required but is useful as it allows you to express your opinions) 8. Reference(s) Page * *The literature review section must be thorough and restricted to the publications used to gather information regarding your topic. The paper must be based on the references you acquire and avoid speculation or your opinions. The opinion is reserved for the recommendation section. Give equal weight to both pro and con positions regarding your topic. When making or using statements throughout the paper be certain to provide support for the statement. That is, cite the author/expert who did the work you are referencing. The author/expert is your source for the statement(s) and the citation lets the reader know where to find the source you cited. Do not assume the reader knows about the selected topic. All persons or publications cited in the paper must appear in the reference section and vice versa. Finally, each section must be clearly labeled as the introduction, background, etc. When introducing a new thought/theme within the same section use side headings to direct the reader’s attention.

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