Please answer the questions about the readings that are provided in the Homework. This is a TurnItIn assignment and we WILL check for originality. There is no upper limit to how many words you

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Answer every question the best you can. Your total words count must be at least 1000 words for the questions all together, but you may submit more.

Please do not plagiarize, copy material from the internet, or copy another student’s work. Please read each assignment, and then write the journal notes in your own words.

A. READ Pai Hsien-yong [Pai Hsien-yung], Crystal Boys: A Novel (at least the first half). Purchase in the bookstore. Answer the following questions: What is the general plot of this novel? Who are the most important five characters? What does “family” mean in the novel— Does it mean blood relatives, or does it mean something else? Be specific in your answer; give examples that help you understand what counts as “family” in this novel. Does the novel compare to any other books you have read (doesn’t have to be from Chinese literature—even from American or other literatures and films?)? If so, explain.

B. Read (or view) any one of the following and summarize it in your own words:

1. “From Glass Clique to Tongzhi Nation: Crystal Boys, Identity Formation, and the Politics of Sexual Shame,” by Hans Tao-Ming Huang, in positions: east asia cultures critique, 2010, vol. 18, no. 2, special issue on “Beyond the Strai(gh)ts: Transnationalism and Queer Chinese Politics,” ed. Liu, Petrus and Lisa Rofel: 373-398.

3. Introduction to Fran Martin’s volume of translated queer fiction from Taiwan, called “Taiwan’s Literature of Transgressive Sexuality,” in Angelwings: Contemporary Queer Fiction from Taiwan (Honolulu: University of Hawai’i Press, 2003)

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