Please provide 2 solutions to child poverty, One that is ineffective and one that is effective.

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In a six-paragraph, academic essay, please present 2 contrasting solutions to child poverty. Prove one solution is ineffective and one solution is likely to be effective. Use your knowledge of proper argumentation to make your case. Avoid argumentative fallacies in your own argument and point out argumentative fallacies in the ineffective solution. Most importantly, provide evidence from at least 4 outside sources.

  • An introductory paragraph with an introductory strategy and a thesis (6-12 sentences long total
  • Thesis must contain a limited topic, an argument, and an explanation.
  • Your research must come from 4 different sources (THESE SOURCES MUST BE DIFFERENT THAN THE ONES YOU USED IN ESSAYS #1 or #2.):
    • 3 articles or essays from any of the Pierce College Library Databases.
    • 1 government website
  • 4 body paragraphs, each with 8-12 sentences, properly structured.
    • Use quotes to provide evidence
    • Introduce and cite your quotes and evidence
    • For every one sentence of summary or quote, include at least 2 sentences of analysis
  • A concluding paragraph of 6-12 sentences with a developed concluding strategy and thesis (restated).
  • The essay must be 6 paragraphs, typed, and double spaced in MLA format
  • The essay must maintain formal academic tone
  • Please include a works cited page

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