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I will like for you to revise this assignment for me. Please make sure that the instructions are as follow. If not, please add or take any unnecessary to it.

I will outline some key points when writing a policy brief here:

(a) Using a geographic perspective (remember, where, why there, and why do we care) you will want to first begin by identifying a problem or issue in a region, county, city or location and explain why that issue is significant there.

(b) Provide a brief history (or context) to the issue and define the current state of the issue or problem.

(c) State your solution or suggestions for implementation and/or change, along with alternative solutions. Your solution must be comprehensive and detailed. Be sure to tell readers why your solution is the best.

(d) In closing, list the actions your audience needs to take for the optimal outcome. Like your solution, your action plan must also be comprehensive and detailed.

Be sure to address the follow from the rubric:

1. Policy brief has an appropriate and interesting title that describes the information found therein.

2. Policy brief topic is appropriate and is identified and summarized in the opening paragraph.

3. The audience selected is identified and has a vested interest in the topic, and the policy brief addresses this audience.

4. Policy brief includes all of the following: a geographic perspective, context for the topic, a solution or solutions, plan of action, and justification for the solution/action.

5. Data and basis for the policy brief is supported by credible sources.

5a. A list of references is included at the end of the document.

Papers should contain between 750 and 1000 words in the body of text.

In general, the policy proposals were very good. Avoid topics that are too broad such that you cannot suggest reasonable solutions. Your policy must include a solution or solutions and a plan of action. Also, be sure to frame the policy brief so that you convince the organization of the importance of implementing or adopting such recommendations.

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