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Presentation Requirement:

“Artistic Impact”

As a society, discuss and select a stereotype that is present in our current cultural

consciousness. Research and explore the history of the chosen stereotype as it relates to the

American theater particularly, in addition to other forms of artistic media. Uncover the ways

the particular stereotype has been either created by, influenced by, represented in,

perpetuated by, etc. our American Theater, and various other artistic media. Find supporting

evidence for how this particular stereotype has influenced our current “American” cultural

consciousness, in order to draw a parallel between art and its impact on our society as a

whole. Research from this project shall be presented by each group in class, as well as typed

and turned in for the grade. The typed copy must include a title page with the Society

Name and each society member’s name, in alphabetical order by last name. It must be 12

pt. Times New Roman font, 1.5 spacing. The final pages should consist of the attendance

and task logs. Please cite your sources using the Chicago Citation Style. A reference can be

found at

 Presentation: Organization and preparation

 Paper: Grammar, neatness, quality and depth of research (History section, Quality of

examples from theater, Societal impact discussion), requirements as listed above for


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