Prevalence of Post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and Effort – Reward Imbalance among paramedics from occupational health point of view.

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Description The theory part of the thesis should consist of minimal 20 Pages and should talk about: – Introduction: working conditions of paramedics, stress during work, they exposed to secondary trauma, all that make them more liable to post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression and job dissatisfaction or effort – reward imbalance. Role of Occupational health in secondary trauma stress, depression. – Secondary traumatization stress or compassion stress: definition of trauma according ICD- 10 and DSM-5, causes of secondary traumatization stress, risk – factors, pathophysiology. Do paramedics more prone to stress at works and hence PTSD and depression because of compassion stress or compassion fatigue or secondary traumatization? – Post-traumatic stress disorder: definition, how to diagnose PTBS, is there any difference in diagnostic criteria of PTBS according ICD-10 and ICD-11? risk factors for PTSD, Role of social support in prevention of PTSD. Prevalence of PTSD in the paramedics compared to normal population (Paper from Berger et al 2012). What is immunization of the paramedics against PTSD? – Depression in the paramedics and normal population: Definition, diagnoses of depression according to ICD 10. Prevalence in the paramedics and normal population. Possible causes of depression in the paramedics – Effort – Reward Imbalance: from Prof. Siegrist. Definition, causes, prevalence in the working group. Is there any correlation between job satisfaction or job dissatisfaction and effort-reward imbalance? Please take note of the following: 1- Citations and References should be at least 50. The more citations and references are the better. 2- Includes diagrams and illustrations as necessary. 3- Good argument with contrast. Please no copy and paste from literatures. 4- Don’t forget to include the references/citations at the end

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