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Consider an hypothetical processor having a 16-bit instructions composed of two fields: the first four bits contains the opcode, and the remainder the immediate operand or and operand address.

Assume that the hypothetical machine has the following instructions: 0001 = Load AC from Memory location 0010 = Store AC to Memory location 0101 = Add AC to Memory 1100 = Divide AC with Memory 0011 = Load AC from I/O 1110 = Store AC to I/O where AC is accumulator, and I/O is input/output. (a) – Write the code (in decimal format) for each of the following instructions: i. Load AC from memory location 940 ii. Add content of memory location 941 iii. Divide by content of location 941 iv. Store AC to device 56. (b) – Use the format of Figure 1 to show program execution for the four instructions of above. • A blank chart to be used for this question can be found on the next page of this question paper. • For this question, let memory location 940 and 941 to contain 88 and 2 respectively. • You are required to state any assumptions associated with your answer.

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