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You must select and develop the two strategic recommendation for the physical store that
will respond to your client’s needs. The first of the recommendations must come directly
from your recommendations within Assessment Task 1. The second recommendation must
come from within the TOWS strategies. You are not permitted to have the same
recommendations as your team member from assessment task 1; and you are not permitted
to have a promotional recommendation.
You must and complete a strategic recommendation report, containing both visual and
written components. The visuals will be used to illustrate and support how some retailing
aspects should be altered to accommodate the recommendations. You are welcome to
consider the use of any visual aid – for example, developing an infographic, a short video
(not more than 6 minutes for each strategic recommendation), a presentation, a brochure,
etc. The challenge is to avoid developing a full written report. The written component is to
explain or support your visual aspects.
To develop the strategies, you may be required to undertake further analysis in areas of your
strategic focus.
The assessment will require you to demonstrate your ability to problem-solve using
innovative thinking and approaches that will carefully balance the realistic commercial needs
of the retailer and the theoretical content covered during the semester.

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