Proton NMR reading. Carbon NMR reading. GC-MS reading.

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“INCLUDE: Name / Date performed / Course/ Section / Lab Partner(s) Grading rubric and How to write a lab report Aim (5 pts): You MUST have an AIM statement – 1-2 concise, complete sentences. If you are having a hard time with this, you do not understand your RESULTS/DATA. This section is absolutely REQUIRED. For example, “The aim of my experiment to determine the substrate specificity of the enzyme, xxxxx by comparing the reaction velocity for different compounds”. Be specific. Do not beat around the bush. Introduction (20 pts): The introduction will include the background that the reader needs in order to be able to put your experiments into context. This is where you will prepare the reader to understand what you will describe in the RESULTS/DATA section. After having clearly understood your data, what the reader will need to learn from the INTRODUCTION will become clear. Introduction should serve as brief explanation of the higher order concepts the experiments are carried out on. The overall concept should be explained in a paragraph followed by the brief description of the tools used for the 4 experiments. Not more than 1-2 pages. This should be a well-researched but brief discussion including background on techniques and relevance of the experiment. Information that is copied from any source must have quotation marks and be cited. You WILL need to cite primary and secondary sources of references in this section. They should be listed under the section “Bibliography/References”. Please use textbooks and journals, as well as internet resources. Please be careful when using web-searched articles. You may include 2-4 reliable web sources, take notes on the information you need, and then re-write the information in your own words. Do not ‘cut and paste’! Cross-reference your information with your bibliography numerically1, or by name (Author, et. al.,[year]). Conclude with what you will do in this lab with a statement such as “My hypothesis is… “. From this statement the reader should be able to pinpoint the purpose of the experiment.

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