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Paper details 1) Find an example of research from the popular press (e.g., internet, newspaper, trade journal) and critique it based on Smith’s 10 points. Is this an example of good research or questionable research? Please provide the reference in APA at the beginning of your blog. Remember, a simple yes or no for each point is not sufficient. You need to provide evidence and rationale for your conclusions. 2) Take some time to explore current issues in tourism and hospitality and present two current topics in tourism and hospitality that you think would be interesting to explore in this course. You may use academic (peer reviewed journal) articles, the popular press (i.e., newspapers, magazines, online articles), or industry publications (i.e., articles written for people in industry). The articles that you choose must be current (i.e., published in 2017, 2018, or 2019). To complete the blog please do the following: a) Post your topic/research areas (you need two areas). Give it a catchy title. b) Provide a link and/or reference (in APA) to the article on which you based your discussion. c) Provide a brief explanation of this area of research/current issue. d) Explain why you think this is an important area of study.

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