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These are the ones that I have selected as depression, speech disorder, learning disability, child abuse, Attraction, romance, and love.
PSY 13 Group Project: Early Ideas (Due 1/8)
Worth: 5 points
This should be the easiest part of the assignment. Here, I simply want you to come up with social psychological topics that you think would be interesting to test. Some of these topics may be easier than others to actually run a study, but you don’t necessarily have to think about that right now. You have a couple options for how you can complete this assignment, using either a lot of detail, or very little detail. However, the more detail you provide, the more I will be able to help push you toward a great Project Proposal (Due 1/15).
If after this week, your group hasn’t started leaning toward a single topic, you will mention a few ideas that you have thought about. I will choose one of these topics that I think has the most potential and give you a couple ideas for how you could test that idea.
On the other hand, if everyone in your group loves a single idea, feel free to focus on that and I can help give you ideas for how you could run your study.
What I’m looking for:
B) Four or five topics that you think are interesting (maybe one per group member), but with little detail about how you would test it. Simply include a description of the topic and why it would be interesting to study. (Approximately 2-3 sentences per topic)
The above descriptions are minimum requirements for full credit. It should only be about two or three sentences per group member. That said if you would like to include additional detail so that I can guide you better, feel free to do so. I will not read anything longer than two pages.
Research Project Examples (just to get you thinking!)
Concept: Bystander Effect
Experiment: Stage a scene where there are fewer passersby and a scene where there are more passersby and OBSERVE how many people stopped to help or how long it took for someone to help that person.
Concept: Group Conformity
Experiment: Stage a scene where someone is looking up at the sky and record how many others do so as well (i.e., a proportion of all the passersby). You can vary the condition by adding 2 more people looking up at the sky and seeing how the results vary.
Concept: Self-esteem and Happiness
Survey: Have participants complete surveys of self-esteem and happiness (look for established surveys of what you plan to study; ask the professor for help if necessary). Insert their responses into excel and run a correlation to see whether self-esteem is positively correlated with happiness.
Other Ideas (remember, use the book for guidance)
The Spotlight Effect, Similarity leads to Attraction, Obedience to Authority, Cognitive Dissonance, Central and Peripheral Route Persuasion, Outgroup Prejudice, etc.

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