Psychological Health with discussion

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Step 1.Take the Big Five Personality Test by clicking the link. It takes most people 3-8 minutes:

Step 2. Copy and paste your results and upload them as your submission. Below is an example of what results look like

Results summary

Your results from the IPIP Big Five Factor Markers are in the table below. The table contains a raw score and also a percentile, what percent of other people who have taken this test that you score higher than.

Trait descriptions

Factor I

Factor II (Links to an external site.),3.4,3.8,2.4,3.33#_II

Factor III (Links to an external site.),3.4,3.8,2.4,3.33#_III

Factor IV (Links to an external site.)

Factor V (Links to an external site.)

Factor I was labelled as Extroversion by the developers of the IPIP-BFFM. Factor I is sometimes given other names, such as Surgency or Positive Emotionality.

Individuals who score high on Factor I one are outgoing and social. Individuals who score low tend to be shut ins.

Second: ( discussion )

Please watch this video. Posts your thoughts on:

1. How this video tied into the chapter.

2. How did this make you think/re-think about the Big 5 Personality Test you took in Assessment 2?

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