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Part I & Part II (Due Sunday 11:59pm)

Part I [Read] Myers & Dewall textbook, “Developmental Psychology’s Major Issues (p.68-p.70)” (Links to an external site.). When you do the reading, aim at understanding what the following issues are about: (a) Nature and Nurture, (b) Continuity and Stages, (b) Stability and Changes.

Part II [Reflect and Connect] After you complete the reading, post a reflection that addresses all the questions listed below. Note: This assignment involves watching 3 video clips (50-60 minutes altogether). So, it will be a great idea to plan ahead. 🙂

Your post should include minimally 300 words (post that does not meet the minimal requirement for length will not receive credit).

In the assigned reading for this assignments, you read about three major issues in Developmental Psychology. Two of them are: (a) Nature and Nurture, and (b) Stability and Change:

  • In your own words, briefly describe what each of these two issues (Nature and Nurture; Stability and change) is about.
  • Reflect on your own growth/development as a person. Specifically, pick a trait/quality of yours to focus on (e.g., ability to relate to/connect to others, optimism, conscientiousness). Based on your observation of this trait in yourself, how does nature contribute to your developmental outcome on this trait? How does nurture contribute to your developmental outcome on this trait? Throughout your life so far, do you find more evidence for stability or change on this trait? How so?
  • Now, watch the following three movie clips (source: “49 up”). After watching this documentary, pick one trait of an individual in the documentary and offer some speculations: How does nature and nurture each contribute to the developmental outcome of this individual on this trait? Do you find more evidence for stability or change for this individual on this trait?

Don’t need to do the video part.

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