Public Administration Concepts

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The foundations of Public Administration (PA) examining theories and concepts that influenced the contemporary practice of PA. To demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the foundations of PA, research and analyze two PA concepts listed below that resonate with you by discussing the history of each, how each concept contributed to the field of PA, and the impact on PA practices today.

Prepare a 5 – 7 page paper that cites and references 4 or more academic sources such as your textbook, and articles from scholarly sources and adheres to APA standards. Using key terms and correct PA language, the content of the paper should include: .

  • Definition: Identify and describe two theories or concepts of PA reviewed in Foundations of Public Administration
  • Historical Context: Discuss the history and/or social context in which each theory or concept originated, the founder(s), and original applications to PA.
  • Contemporary Application: Discuss how each theory or concept is applied today in specific public agency or department
  • Contemporary Impact: Assess the impact of each theory or concept on PA practices today identifying strengths and any weakness

Listed are the 2 PA concepts required-

• In PA, where power is derived from to do or execute is an important question.
• Legitimacy is both a moral and normative position in a given society. Public organizations must have legitimacy in order to execute its work.
• PA and Public Organizations are the coalescence of power and authority.
• Sources of legitimacy: Constitutions (written law), perception, professionalism, and legal standing (usually a form of written law or policy). How is legitimacy collected or built? This is a question of the public discourse, representativeness, public leadership and preserving foundations.

Effectiveness & Efficiency
• While PA is not for profit business, it is concerned with effectiveness & efficiency.
• Efficiency is getting at outcomes with least use of resources.
• Effectiveness is actually getting done what was indicated would get done.
• It is possible to be highly effective and not efficient; and the reverse is true to a degree.
• Public organizations are built on these foundations.

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