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Can you help me understand this Powerpoint question?

There is a lot of information here. Please scroll through and read the entire page. This should answer any questions you may have.

Post #1: Please submit your presentation here, the deadline is Friday at 11:00 p.m.

Post #2: The Peer review is due Sunday before 11:00pm.

Only upload your files in MP4, PPTX, PPT. If you can’t get your file to this format, then upload to YouTube and submit your video link or upload to your google doc and paste the “Shareable Link.” Or use a smart phone and record the presentation. More information is listed below.

NOTE: These videos will be big formats, do not wait until the last minute to upload your videos, otherwise you could go over and become late.

Similar to the discussion posts, upload your video as post 1 and make your peer review a comment to someone else’s post 1.

1. You will prepare a 5-‐‐minute audio narrative with 6-‐‐10 slides and post your presentation

2. You will follow the rubric and complete a peer review evaluation for one presentation in your group. 3. This peer review is supposed to be a critical analysis of the assigned presentation. Based on the rubric -‐‐ Please answer the categories in a paragraph style. Please write a (minimum 150 words maximum 200 words and type “word count” and provide an accurate word count at the end of the peer review.

Presentation Rubric

Sample Presentation:

Please utilize the resources below.

Your presentation is going to be on the same topic as your research paper, assigned based on last name. If you have done an assignment on a disease in another class, then select a different topic from the list based on your last name. Go to the ASSIGNED TOPICS page, scroll down until you see the presentation topic list. DO NOT USE A DISCUSSION TOPIC.

Note the Late Policy: You get 24 hours to submit your video after 11pm on Friday to be counted late. Any other submission after Saturday at 11pm is a 0. That means, you cannot submit both your presentation and peer review on Sunday and expect credit for the video portion. The peer review has no late acceptance because the point value for the peer review is 5 and the point deduction for submitting late is 5.

If you are not tech savvy, check out the information on how to make a video.

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