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Use chapter 14 entitled, “Public Health Practice: Future Challenges” as a reference. Select a vulnerable population (in the United States or abroad) currently affected by a disease or condition. Search the internet or visit the library to identify literature to support your PowerPoint presentation.

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Create a PowerPoint presentation with no more than 6 slides.

  • Slide 1: Cover page – Name, date, course, and vulnerable population topic
  • Slide 2: Description of the population, including demographics and risk factors determining health in this population.
  • Slide 3: Common health issues prevalent in this population.
  • Slide 4: Identify access and barriers to health care and treatment options for this population, and include local and global policies regulating control and prevention of a disease in this population.
  • Slide 5: Discuss local and global documents addressing the needs of this population, and suggest improvement of the existing programs.
  • Slide 6: References

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