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Week 2 Journal

Students are expected to write and submit weekly journal entry throughout the duration of the semester. The journal entry is an opportunity to reflect on the topics of disability issues that we will address during the course. In these reflective entries, students will select a disability issue from the weeks module and elaborate on how their own critical thinking, experiences, class discussions, the course readings, and current events relate to this issue. Through the journal entries, students will demonstrate their understanding of the issues discussed and the readings from the learning resources for the week, and use these ideas and reflections to enhance their own awareness and understanding of disability studies. Each Journal entry should be about 1 page in length but no more than 2 pages and 1.5 line-space and should have listed a minimum of three in-text citations and three academic references.

Ethical Issues in Disability Studies research developments are undertaken to expand knowledge, discover the truth, and provide evidence for practitioners, policy-makers, legislators, and members of society at large. Ethics guidelines encourage participatory research that involves individuals with disabilities as consumers and recipients of services. This involvement is essential in uncovering issues requiring attention in informing policy, in evaluating programs and services, and in tracking how social and economic changes affect people with disabilities. Ethics in Disability Studies are included in the broader research ethics framework of many disciplines. Ethical principles require that any research or program involving subjects with disabilities should be framed and conducted in a way that respects the human rights and well-being of the individuals concerned.

An important ethical issue of Disability Studies is how society speaks and writes about disability. The language that is used consciously or unconsciously can reveal our internal thoughts and could reflect the negative terms used by old social norms. The attached Learning Resources will give you examples of People First Language. It is expected that, as one of this course outcomes, that you will use People (or Person) First Language in all your classwork at all times.

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