Question Regarding Buddhism

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1- Visit at Buddhist temple. You are then required to conduct a write up describing your experience, what you learned, as well as your impression of their experience as a whole in a paper of approximately 1000 words (4 pages). I would also like you to take a picture of yourself at the temple to provide proof of your visit. (I have attached some pictures from my visit to the temple, If you want some more information, you can check the temple website, the name of the temple is Van Hanh Temple) Please don’t forget to cite the temple.

2- Choose one movie and discuss how it relates to some of the major themes related to Buddhism raised in this class. Be sure to support your thoughts with specific examples from both the movie as well as the Buddhist theme(s) you find it is related. This assignment should also be about 1000 words (4 pages). Please don’t forget to cite the movie.

3) Interview a Buddhist Monk/ leader, asking questions regarding historical, cultural, as well as behavioral matters related to their particular Buddhist tradition; If you do an interview, please place the interview questions in the form of a narrative, rather than just providing a transcript of the questions/answers. This assignment should also be about 1000 words (4 pages). The name of the Monk that I saw was Tommy.

Please separate each question from another.

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