Rearch Paper Is About “The Educational Impact Of Cyber Bullying”

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Background Research Assignment  For this assignment you will jump-start your research process by doing adequate background research on the final paper topic you explored in last week’s Clustering / Mind Map exercise.  Determine which LibGuide would take you to databases on your topic and search those databases. Be mindful of using World Wide Web sources that are not scholarly – I want to primarily see scholarly resources you have discovered in the databases.  Remember Wikipedia does not count as an encyclopedia and keep in mind your lesson on popular versus scholarly resources from here on out.    Submit a paragraph for each of these basic questions regarding your topic:         Who?          What?         When?         Where?         Why?         How?   That means at least 6 paragraphs.  If one of these questions does not apply to your topic, you may substitute a question and respond to that instead. List your sources at the end of each paragraph. It is not necessary to format them at this time; a web link, book title and author, etc. will be fine.  and the assignment name in the upper right corner of the first page will not be graded.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

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