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Tis research paper should be based on a book RED NOTICE by BILL BROWDER. The paper should be six to eight pages long, double spaced. Do a short one page overview of the book. Then use the following points as the format for the rest of the research paper: Governments have long intervened in international business, hindering the free flow of trade and investment. Give me two examples of the Russian government’s interference with other MNCs which were/are doing business in Russia; Forbes Magazine has named Leonid Mikhelson, CEO of Novatek, the Russian natural gas producer, as the richest Russian on the World’s Billionaires List. Also on that list is Vladimir Lisin, owner of the Russian steelmaker NLMK, and Lukoil major shareholder, Vagit Alekperov. From the information in the book about Russian oligarchs, do you consider these people oligarchs? Why or why not; Our text talks about risk of adverse fluctuations in exchange rates. As Browder’s investments were in Russian companies, how do you think he handled the exchange rate between the rouble and a hard currency? Review the history of the currencies from when he first started his businesses in the early 1990s – what non rouble currencies do you think he used and why? What was his business? Why do you think he had that particular focus? It was obviously successful, but why? Review the Soviet Union’s economic system and the move by Russia to privatization, why did the country change? The text states that critics complain that globalization interferes with national sovereignty, the ability of the state to govern itself without external intervention. At the time that Browder started his business in Russia—his own business—what were some of the governmental issues with which he had to contend? At the time Browder started his business, what kind of market was Russia—emerging, developed? Within a few years of the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Russian economy shrunk by nearly half the size it had been at the beginning of its transformation in 1989. The country endured high inflation with annual price increases reaching 100% hindering FDI and economic development. With the break up of the Union, now the former Republics were 15 independent nations. How did this contribute to the shrinking of the Russian economy? The privatization program under Boris Yeltsin was considered scandalous. Review that program, who benefited, what were some of the features and how did Browder’s Hermitage benefit. What were the steps the country was taking to shake off the Soviet legacy and how did Browder take advantage of this. Why did Browder choose the companies he invested in? What did he see in Russia that made him choose those particular companies This question and the one above can be combined. These questions can be answered both from comments in the book and some original research on the net. Define privatization in the terms Browder used. What did he look for in his investments? Why did he choose what he did? What was the reasoning that Putin used to have Browder deported? Tell me about Interpol. What is the connection between Interpol and Browder? We had a discussion and power point in class on Human Rights abuse. Magnitsky’s abuse and death are not the only example of Russian human right’s abuse. What other examples can you give me? There are several recent examples of both individuals and countries. Lastly, what is your opinion/thoughts about Putin and Russia—Putin’s focus on the Middle East, making friends of old enemies such as China, their invasions into Georgia, Crimea—what other countries are at risk? What do you think Putin has in mind? What is his focus? What do you know about him? Remember, he is former KGB, is smart, speaks perfect English (as does Kim from No. Korea ,who also speaks German and was educated in Switzerland). Know your enemy, know your competition, know your opposition.

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