Redlining the American Dream

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Redlining the American Dream

 Visit the following website ( (Links to an external site.)) and allow the site to know your location. Read the introduction (then click the tiny little (x) in the upper right hand corner to return to the map) and look around the map to see what things mean. Read the captions of different locations as well as the area where you are. Citing specific language from the “clarifying remarks” in your area, discuss how your neighborhood is being portrayed. How does it compare to the way it is characterized today? Watch the following excerpts from A Raisin in the Sun: (Links to an external site.) 1:30:13~1:42:25 2:02:03~the end Using your understanding of what you learned in the interactive redlining website, cite two examples of how redlining is performed in the film. What are the differences for you of learning about redlining by interacting with the website versus watching a film depiction of a play? For example, do you feel that the embodied performance was more effective in helping you understand how redlining was practiced and its effects? Explain. Other resources:

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