Reforming Congress

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Keeping in mind the current theme (i.e., congressional partisanship and gridlock) what plausible reforms would you propose to make Congress a more effective branch of government? Would your reforms overcome current legislative inertia, or is the nation deeply divided on critical issues, making conflict an inherent part of the legislative process and dimming the prospects for reform? The reading response must meet the following criteria: use critical-thinking skills to analyze how the reading(s) relate to each other and illustrate the theme of the unit be at least 600 words long (consider using the Word Count feature in your text editor) use at least two citations to substantiate your point of view. Use the text(s) for this unit, in the form of: direct quote paraphrasing a summary adhere to the following formatting requirements: use current MLA guidelines use 12-point Times New Roman or Arial font double-space lines list the following in the upper-left corner of page 1: your name your instructor’s name the course prefix, number, and title the date list the following in the upper-right corner document header on all pages except page 1: your last name the page number. If you need additional help with grammar, diction, or simply ordering your thoughts, consider utilizing the services of SCAD’s Writers’ Studio. You can find information on the SCAD Writer’s Studio in Course Supplements.

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