Relationship between Immigration & Crime Statistics

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The literature review is often the longest section of a research paper. For this assignment, you will complete a review of the literature related to your project. This assignment is 4-6 pages in length and must be double-spaced, with 1-inch margins, using Times New Roman 12 font. The assignment will consist of one header titled “Literature Review.” Typically literature review sections include some appropriate description of the following: A description of the methodology and terms employed to conduct the review of the literature itself A description of the literature pertinent to choices of data collection and analysis A thematically organized summary of the review of the literature For the purposes of this course, the review of literature should focus on the key studies. These cannot be determined without an extensive review of the literature prior to the submission of the assignment. The review must be sufficiently extensive to ensure that all sides of an issue have been researched and that a balanced evaluation of the problem area has been accomplished. Only the most germane studies should be included. For purposes of this assignment, the Literature Review should contain the following Headers and sub-headers: Header 1: Literature Review Sub-Header 1: Introduction – provide a brief introduction detailing what topics/areas/issues your particular literature review will be covering. Sub-header 3-5: Three to five areas of literature that are germane to your research – These are the main areas that your review of the literature is centered around. Usually there are no fewer than 3 areas here, but some literature reviews have as many as 5 or 6. However, in each sub-header there should be a minimum of 3-5 citations. Literature Review Summary — briefly summarize in 1-2 paragraphs the important and salient points learned from the Literature Review. Often there is a brief discussion in this section about studies that were NOT found, and authors provide this as evidence for why their particular study should be performed. Rubric: Exceeds Expectations • The literature review effectively and selectively uses literature associated with the topic; how the topic has changed over time is explained; different issues or perspectives on the topic are discussed; and general themes about the topic are identified. Appropriate headers and sub-headers are included and an APA works cited page is formatted properly.  

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