Religious studies – Christianity

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 This assignment is designed to help you recognize whether you are an insider to a particular tradition or not. For some, the answer is easy because they practice a particular faith regularly. For others, it may take more reflection to consider your proximity to a certain tradition. Others may not feel as if they have a religious tradition and that is fine so long as you strive to explain the philosophy or principles that guide you. This exercise should give you a greater understanding of yourself and your relation, if any, to religious traditions. Write a one-page paper about your religious background (denomination or branch of a particular religious tradition) or non-religious background (philosophy of life or guiding principles etc.). If possible, include your parents’ background as well. FORMAT: Papers can be single or double-spaced (in order to give you flexibility on how much you want to share), and in Times New Roman 12 pt. font with standard margins.

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