Research paper on Technology and its impact on our lives.

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Topic : Technology and its impact on our lives.

This subject will be based on the discussion we had in class regarding social media as well as self-driving/smart cars. Suggestions are as follows.

  1. Technology’s impact on our lives. Are we better or worse because of our abundance of technological advancements?
  2. Technology’s influence on our brains. Are we more or less intelligent as a result of technology?
  3. Social media’s impact on body image. Specifically, amongst teens. Gender could also play a role in your research.
  4. Social media’s impact on adults.


MLA format (one inch margins, double spaced, times new roman, 12 pt font) In text citation 3 pages of writing 1 mla citation page A strong blend of outside research and your own opinions. 3 credible sources are required for this paper.

Paper is due Tuesday 10/29 at the beginning of class. Please do not email this paper. Ten points off for every day the paper is late.

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