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Guided Response: Review several of your classmates’ responses and respond to at least two by discussing ways that these types of results could be used in the classroom to assist in implementing effective instruction for all students. Discuss why these results are or are not reliable and argue whether or not they should be considered in the educational setting.              Anna Mensa Intelligence Quiz The score I received after taking the, Mensa Workout intelligence quiz was, 60%. I was surprised about getting a 60%.  After the test began, I was really questioning the relevance the questions had and where in the world I would use some of information being asked.  I believe the questions were critical thinking questions.  I definitely did better on the “non” math questions.  As I was taking the test, I was thinking about my time and trying to answer my questions before my time ran out.  I believe that affected some of the answers, because I wasn’t interested in spending time on a question I felt like I wasn’t going to get so I guessed and moved on.  I agree with my results, because as I mentioned, there were some answers that I guessed on.  I see this test relating to an educational setting for the critical thinking.         Tawana I took the Mensa Workout quiz and scored 53 %; 16 out of 30 questions. In my opinion there were no biases present within the test. The site only stated that if at least 2% was scored then I could join the Mensa community. I can agree with the 53% do to the fact that I may not be the smartest person around but my elevator does reach at least half way. In my opinion this test is not relevant and does not relate to an educational setting. First of all, a person could be having an off day, experiencing test anxiety, or had a traumatic life changing event that would cause their mind not to be no test taking. One test shouldn’t dictate the depth of another persons’ intellect. Weakness in one area or field doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t strong in another.  

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