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Guided Response: Review and respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts. Discuss at least one positive attribute of intelligence tests in the role of education and add at least one additional effect that these tests may have on students.               AnnaAug 10 at 8:26pm Manage Discussion Entry   Intelligence testing in education in the past                 As educators, we learn that not all of our students are going to learn in the same way.  Some of our students are higher learners, and need more of a challenge and some of our learners are lower, and may need help in modifying work.  Whichever the case may be, one way of figuring out what type of learners we have, is through testing.  In our article it states intelligence testing is a way to “help promote functional assessments that are linked directly to instructional strategies to benefit all students.” (Canter, A.S. (1997). The future of intelligence testing in the schools.)  Administering a test to a student can greatly benefit them individually.  A test can help determine eligibility based on a student’s educational status.  Once eligibility is determined the student is then placed according to their education level.  Implications on education                 In some cases intelligence testing has created test bias.  As an educator, you have a responsibility to figure out why one group of students may be doing better than another group.  Over the last decade our schools are growing.  Our population of non-white, non-English speaking students is growing too.  Since our school populations are becoming more diverse the tests will have to change to meet the needs of our population because as of now we are “not meeting the needs of tomorrow’s schools.”  (Canter, A.S. (1997). The future of intelligence testing in the schools.) References Canter, A.S. (1997). The future of intelligence testing in the schools. School Psychology Review                 Tawana Aug 10 at 9:44pm Manage Discussion Entry     The role that intelligence test play today compared to the use in the past would be that today testing is used to assess skills and potential rather than “biased placement” because of score. A students potential shouldn’t be measured by one test. Test result shouldn’t just be a reflection of the student but also include the method and skills the materials were presented to the student by the teacher.  IQ test generally were used to place students in a certain class not necessarily assist them with advancing or reaching their potential. One harmful effect that intelligence test can have on students would be limiting them in their thinking. If a student believes that the score they received on this one test is all they are capable of then they will never try harder to excel and achieve more. The advice I would give educators on intelligence testing and its use in the class would be to use the test as motivation to push students to do better. Once the test is completed, assess the test for strengths and weaknesses and possible ways for them to increase their knowledge not accept the score that was received. Reference The future of intelligence testing in the schools. Authors:Canter, Andrea S. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. Source:School Psychology Review. 1997, Vol. 26 Issue 2, p255. 7p.    

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