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Please respond to harmony with 150 words :


1) I chose Piaget as a theorist that interests me. I agree with his theory of cognitive thinking that children from different age groups use different kinds of thought process.

2) one of the things Piaget would want to see would be a plethora or puzzles and mind challenging games. This applies to the Preoperational Stage that is from 2 years old to7 years of age and engages problem solving and thinking in symbols so I would think that puzzles and challenging games would fit because it engages the mind in problem solving.
Another thing I would think Piaget would want to see is in the concrete operational stage which is from 7 to 11 years in age. I would think Piaget would want to see more in depth puzzles and challenges that engage the mind to think strategically and critically .. lastly I would think Piaget would want to see a solid relationship with the caregivers. Knowledgeable caregivers that understand that children are all different and fall into different categories based on their development and atmosphere
That they are surrounded with.

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