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I don’t understand this Social Science question and need help to study.

please respond to mercy with 150 words

1) please share three (3) things that interested you AND tell why you found them interesting.

1. One of the things that interested me was how there are so man y after school programs that are offered in California, 1300 when school is out in general. I also believe that these programs benefit the children. I believe that these programs also help children with there homework. So when they go home its not so stress full as a parent. Another that stood out to me was when I read about the help of child care how its paid for by the government. A lot of single women struggle to get help. So anything helps. As long as they don’t take advantage of the law. How they also have snack and meal programs that are free to feed the childfren.

2) how might you use these three (3) pieces of information in your career and/or as a parent?

This information will really help me. Especially the website. My goal is to open up a day care and knowing that there is all this free government fundings I am sure I can get the help. Also I can get state money. Get paid by the state to watch some ones child, I heard they make good money.

But over all in general its better for the children. The help and extra knowllage they will learn is excellent.

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