Review a article about wine and tourism, then write a 250 words presentation paper

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Review a number of current articles on wine and culinary (food) tourism, from a range of sources such as peer reviewed publications, industry associations, newspapers, journals, magazines etc… Select one article to present to the class that was published within the past 6 months. The intent of this exercise is to remain current and knowledgeable, develop secondary research skills, and to analyze and communicate your thoughts, observations and conclusions to the class. Keep your presentation lively and informed, as you need to challenge and question the intent, relevance and importance of the article.

4 students per class will be randomly selected to present their article. The presentation should be no more than 5 minutes.

You will be assessed on the following:

•Introduction/overview and intent of the article, and explain the relevance of the source

•Explain why this article is relevant/important to wine and culinary tourism – what is the article attempting to address, who is the audience, what are the key points/facts?

•Student Perspective: provide insight and observations to the article’s issues, concepts and/or view point being presented – what are the articles intended outcomes; are they achieved?

•Conclusion – what have you learned?

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