Review the article and video about Brand Personality.

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Review the article and video about Brand Personality.

Brand Personality is comprised of human characteristics attributed to a company and its products. Companies develop their brand personalities to match the core attributes of their perceived target market. There are five main types of brand personalities:

    • Excitement, which reflects traits such as carefree, spirited and youthful. A technology that targets younger generations might use these traits.
    • Sincerity, meaning genuine, kind, family-oriented and thoughtful. The tire company whose product makes a car safe might position themselves as sincere.
    • Ruggedness, as in rough, tough, outdoorsy or athletic. Many apparel and sporting-goods companies want to embody these traits.
    • Competence, meaning successful, accomplished, influential, a leader. An insurance company may strive to establish itself as the rock consumers can count on.
    • Sophistication, which encompasses prestige and elegance. This is the brand identity of many luxury products, including clothing, jewelry, fine food or drinks.
  • Choose one (1) of these personalities to discuss.
  • Choose an example of a brand that fits into this type of brand personality.
  • Explain how the brand communicates this personality through their marketing and why this an effective method to create a bond with consumers.
  • Respond to at least two (2) of your classmates’ post with a substantial and thought-provoking response that adds to the discussion. Additional responses are always appreciated and encouraged.

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