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THIS IS NOT WORK FROM SCRATCH> THIS IS A REVISION!!!! The attachment titled Work Submitted is what I have. The remarks are what my professor thought of my writing. Please look at the inital directions below and use my work submitted and the remarks made to come up with a revision.   The purpose of this assignment is to collect and analyze information to inform mathematics and science curriculum instruction; lignment among content standards and available teaching materials; and to design effective implementation of the curriculum within the local system and community context of your school. You will conduct a needs assessment/curriculum awareness survey within your school building and evaluate the math and science curricula by administering a survey to students, peers, administrators, and parents. Contact a local school district to ask if you may conduct your curriculum survey there.  Follow APA and the format below. You will synthesize your collected data and develop a plan with specific recommendations for improving the curriculum and/or curriculum implementation for math and science. I. Cover Page II. Survey (Include approximately 10 questions) Questions (ask questions that relate to our course topics) III. Survey Data -display your data in a graph or visual III. Survey Analysis – analyze data/survey responses. Explain your findings in this section. IV.. Recommendations – write 3-5 paragraphs explaining your recommendations based upon the survey results and analysis. Back up your recommendations with the body of literature. Include citations for each recommendation paragraph. V. Conclusion-write 1-2 paragraphs about you learned from this project. VI. References

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