Safety for young children,

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ACTIVITY ASSIGNMENT Students will design an activity based on a topic related to safety for young children, for example, Fire Safety, Water Safety, Winter Safety, etc . This resource must be a teaching activity which is “reusable” (material which can be used over and over again). Commercial (store bought) games and products may not be used. The activity must be homemade. Students may select either the toddler (18 – 30 months) or preschool age group (2 1/2 – 5 yrs) for this assignment. Students will complete a written document to accompany the materials. The written component will explain the concepts that the child will gain from this activity. Template must be used or students will receive a mark of 0. Students are required to include at least two pictures of the assignment that show all aspects outlined in the marking criteria, and the completion of the activity. The written component will include the following headings: 1. Name and Description – name of the activity and describe of the activity that you created 2. Selected Age Group – age group of children is outlined 3. Reasoning for Activity Choice – why the activity would be appropriate for the selected age group; 4. Materials – list all materials required to implement the activity with a group of children 5. Concepts/knowledge – what development/learning will the child gain from this activity? List at least 4 points 6. Instructions – how does the child use or participate in the activity? 7. Resources – outline resources (at least one planning resource, and one children’s book) used to develop the activity, cited in APA format 8. Health and Safety Considerations – include all health and safety issues to be considered when presenting the activity NOTE: this is not the health and safety content that the activity addresses, but rather any health and safety related considerations, e.g. using non-toxic materials. *Activity Template and marking scheme is outlined below. ACTIVITY TEMPLATE- WRITTEN COMPONENT: Name of Student Teacher: Name and Description of Activity (2 marks): Age of Children ( 1 mark): Planning Resources : (APA Format) (1 mark) Children’s Storybook (APA Format) (1 mark) Reason for Activity Choice (3 marks): Materials Required for Activity Implementation: (3 marks) Concepts/ Knowledge (4 marks): 1) 2) 3) 4) Instructions, Rules/Guidelines (include 3) (3 marks): 1) 2) 3) Health and Safety Considerations ( 4 marks): 1) 2) 3) 4) Add pictures here.

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