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I’m studying for my History class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study?

Booker T Washington up from slavery is a second autobiography published in 1901. Washington coming from a different time period as compared to Douglas was a more soft, gentle and flexible individual as compared to Douglass due to the difference in experiences in the early life. Douglas was exposed to extremely Harsh treatment as a child making him extremely angry and bitter leading to an intense approach towards abolition. Washington even though having a similar background of being a slave and being equally motivated towards acquisition of knowledge and the belief that education was answer to freedom from slaver. His birth being much later than Douglass he was exposed to an era of slavery which was less cruel and tortuous with slaves having won few rights. His first exposure to education was upon looking into a school room with boys and girls engaged in study which had a Deep impact upon his mind and left him with a feeling that this was Paradise. From that day on his dream was to be in paradise which in his opinion was having access to learning and education and gaining knowledge. Anime similar to Douglas he used his work with numbers solved by Ritz to learn numbers in maths but was frustrated with his inability to read with an intense longing to learn to read at any cost. with the slaves having gained certain rights by this time the first school for negro children open new his hometown with the young man being hired from Ohio for teaching. Washington’s excitement knew no bounds including many others within the race who had a similar longing for education with no facility. After availing this opportunity he came across the Hampton normal and agricultural institute in Virginia which allowed a person to pay after tuition through work. Washington graduated with owner and this served as an inspiration for him to start the Tuskegee institute which allowed students to do manual labour in exchange for education. The major similarity in Washington and Douglass is there opinion of the power within education to provide freedom from slavery. One difference between both the opinions was Washington glorification of manual labour as b an important part of education to ensure that every individual understands not only the importance of free and open thinking and utilisation of the mental faculties but also to optimally utilise the physical ability to serve community and create value as a society. The person who most influenced Washington’s life was general Armstrong who is the head of the school that Washington attended unrecognized his talent for learning and educated and provided him the opportunity to help a group start a school for negros in Alabama. Washington believed that it is important to not only gain knowledge but to developer skill to make a living after completing education which required study of actual things and how to manage them instead of reading books alone. He understood that only gaining knowledge learning to read and write would not provide absolute power and freedom as for true advancement economic opportunity and financial success was also an important factor. His quotes are extremely inspiring and clearly define him and his opinions, a truly uncommon man.Viewpoints of Douglas and Washington can be respected in the current educational framework and in fact need to be implemented for the exceptional importance of education in having a successful and empowered life as was recognized by Douglass, with children having the motivation and strong desire for knowledge to be able to acquire knowledge by a personal quest for knowledge and self teaching through various opportunities available which provide knowledge which is different from what may be taught in college or by books. What Washington believed in is even more important as it provides as the major basis for education which is supposed to sir to improve our lives not only by gaining knowledge but also by being able to apply it to make a living by gaining adequate skills which are useful in society and provide value to society as a whole. it is also essential that education as he believed the complete with manual labor and physical activity being a part of education as much as gaining intellectual knowledge and improving intellectual capacity.

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