Searching for Extra Solar Planets Assignment

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  • What methods can be used to find planets around other stars (extrasolar planets)?
  • What types of stars can host planets with life?
  • How close to a star does a planet have to be to support life?

Big Ideas

  • Stars may have Habitability Zones within which planets could support life. The cooler the star, the closer the zone is to the star.
  • The transit method is used to detect planets by seeing a change in brightness of the star.
  • The wobble method is used by looking for a back and forth motion of spectral lines.


These videos contain the material for which you are responsible in this course. You should be referring to these topics and this knowledge in your discussions and assignments.

1. Overview of the primary methods astronomers use to find extrasolar planets.

5 Ways to Find a Planet

2. The history and future of the Search For Extrasolar planets

The Search for Another Earth…

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