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For this reading response, spend just 5-10 minutes answering the following questions (about the “shooter task” data that we reviewed in lecture). These data were passed out in class, but if you missed lecture or had to leave early you can review the notes and data here. The lecture video for this discussion should also be uploaded by Friday at noon.

  1. What seems to be the important result from these data? What seems important about how our class differs from and is similar to the original data?
  2. In lecture, we ended on the idea that one reason for implicit prejudice is that we are exposed to biases in the media (memes). List some examples of how memes & culture influence our schemas for black people, white people, and other groups? (As an example, we read that the media is less likely to name or give background information about black suspects than white suspects – an example of deindividuation / dehumanization – than white suspects)
  3. Finally, what other questions or comments do you have about these data or the topic?

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