Select two Swedish films made during the past 20 years that you want to focus on and write some facts

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Your paper should be 2-3 pages long. I suggest you use Times 12 or similar and 1.5 spacing. If you work together with another student, you should write one page more (2000 words).

CLARITY AND GOOD DISPOSITION are important for the grading. Write concisely! Do not include unnecessary information, but feel free to use examples to support your arguments. Make sure no copy and the citation in harvard referencing style.

Select two Swedish films made during the past 20 years that you want to focus on. The films should be different from one another: one belonging more to mainstream/popular/genre filmmaking and the other more to arthouse cinema and its more artistic/realistic/critical films. You may use films screened in class, but are welcome to chose others – for example from the handout with Guldbagge awards and popular films.) (write basic facts about chosen films)

Present the following basic information about your films on a separate page in your document. (This is not included in your word or page count.) Film title in Swedish and English. Name of director, writer (and author of literary or other source if there is one). Name a key production company and the Swedish distributor. If applicable, mention if the film has been supported (co-produced or co-financed) by television (Swedish and perhaps other), national, regional, or European film institutes (or similar). The year of Swedish premiere. Admissions in Sweden and in Europe. Movie Poster – Swedish and International.

Insert direct links to the film’s page on the following web sites:,, and, and to the film’s trailer for example on (Svenskfilmdatabas is only in Swedish, but paste the site in google translate or similar and you should be OK for basic information.)

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