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Review of Concept: The self-fulfilling prophecy occurs when a person’s expectation of an event affects his or her behavior and therefore makes the predicted outcome more likely to occur than would have otherwise been true; the belief about the outcome affects communication. Self-imposed prophecies occur when your own expectations influence your behavior.

Step One: I want you to think of a goal that you would like to achieve. Examples: You’ve wanted to learn to play guitar, get in shape, take a dance class etc.

Step Two: You will create a poster of images and words that will help you achieve this goal. The poster does not have to be large. The idea is that you look at the poster every day.

Steps One and Two are turned in two weeks before. ( ALEADY DID THESE TWO STEPS)

Step Three: You will write down a 5-7 step plan of how you will achieve your goal. Remember (Approximately 1-2 pages)

Step Four: You will journal about a paragraph a day for a minimum of a week on the steps that you are actively doing. I want you to be conscious of your communication with others at this time. Try to use only positive language when discussing your goal with others.

Step Five: In your final journal entry, you will explain your overall experience. Please connect back to the concept of self-fulfilling prophesy. Did you achieve your goal? Are you getting closer? Do you believe the concept of self-fulling prophesy is true?



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